1. From Tradition to Texture–Photo presentation of my 30-year quilting journey and trunk show.

2. Confessions of a Fabric Manipulator: Texture as I Feel It–Photo presentation highlighting the development of my fabric manipulation art and trunk show.


*Cost: $400   45 min-1 hour lecture and trunk show





1.     6 Hour Intro to Texture

Basic Texture Class Sample 1

Two-3 hour sessions class.  Seven manipulation techniques are taught including cross tucks, gathering, woven strips, pleating, hand-gathered ridges, and Texture Magic shrinking.  Class 1 begins with fabric layout and introduces fabric manipulation techniques to get started.  Participants finish these techniques between classes.  Class 2 builds on previous work and includes assembly and finishing techniques.  A kit is available for fusible interfacing and Texture Magic used in some techniques.

*Cost:  $800

Class Size:  up to 20



2.      2 Day Basic Texture Class:  Summer Meadow

Summer Meadow--2 day workshop

Two 6 hour days.  This workshop guides you through learning 8 fabric manipulation techniques that result in the textures for this landscape. We will start with tips for fabric layouts and continue to step-by-step instructions for each techniques.  Finishing tips are covered on day 2.  Kits can be provided which include fusible interfacing, Texture Magic, and wool felt that are used for some techniques.

*Cost: $800/day

Class size: up to 20



3.         2 Day Intermediate Workshop:  Meadow with Tree

Meadow with Tree

Two 6 hour days. The techniques in this class include pleating, woven strips, pin weaving, hand-gathered ridges, bubbling, and twisted strips.  Options for variations are also discussed, as well as finishing techniques.  Kits can be provided which include fusible interfacing, Texture Magic, and wool felt needed for this piece.

*Cost: $800/day

Class size: up to 20



4.           The Nature of Fabric and the Fabric of Nature:  Intermediate level

Slide9 nature as textures                          Slide10 texture samples

Minimum two 6 hour days. This non-project workshop guides you through numerous manipulation techniques for creating fabulous textures.  Step-by-step instructions, possible variations, and ideas for uses and further explorations will be discussed.  Kits can be provided which include fusible interfacing, Texture Magic, wool felt, cording, and specialty fabrics that are used in some techniques.

*Cost: $800/day

Class size: up to 20


Day classes are based on 7 hour days:  3 hour morning session, 1 hour lunch, 3 hour afternoon session.

*Travel expenses are assessed on individual basis in addition to lecture/class costs.